Arrangements ahead of departure from the country of origin

  • It is recommended that all participants are fully vaccinated.
  • All participants must ensure that their vaccination is complete.
  • Travelers who are not fully vaccinated will need to show proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of boarding.

Arrangements at Abidjan airport

  • Checking body temperature with a Thermo Flash.
  • Checking the certificate or proof of full vaccination.
  • For unvaccinated or partially vaccinated passengers, proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of boarding is required and an antigen test will be performed at the airport.
  • If a PCR test has been performed more than 72 hours prior to boarding, a rapid PCR test will be performed upon arrival.
  • If the test is negative, the participant will follow the COP 15 protocol like all other participants.
  • If the test is positive, the participant will be handled according to the current system in Côte d'Ivoire. In this case, the delegate will only participate in COP 15 activities if the PCR test carried out after is negative.

Arrangements during the stay

  • All participants will be tested daily for antigens. In this case, self-testing is preferred.
  • In case of COVID-19 symptoms in a participant, an antigen test will be performed immediately. This test will be confirmed by a PCR test in case of a positive result.
  • At the end of the stay, a PCR test for the return trip will be carried out according to current regulations in Côte d'Ivoire and/or in the country of destination.

Arrangements on the conference venue

  • Access to the convention venue is conditional on proof of full vaccination and a negative antigen test.
  • Body temperature will be monitored daily.
  • An area will be dedicated to monitoring COVID-19
  • Masks must be worn throughout COP 15
  • A hygiene kit, including gel or hydro-alcoholic solution, masks and a water bottle for the entire stay, will be distributed on the first day.
  • Staff will be on-hand to remind participants of the preventative measures throughout COP 15.

Procedure for carrying out antigen tests

  • The tests will be performed on the COP site by dedicated staff.
  • Self-testing is preferred.


In case of proven contamination (positive PCR test), the person in question will be handled according to the national system.

  • Simple cases will be kept in isolation.
  • Severe cases will be referred through the to facilities approved by the Ivorian government.

Arrangements made before participants return to their home country

A travel PCR test will be carried out on site for each traveller in accordance with the recommendations of the host country. The cost of the travel test shall be covered by traveller: the amount to be paid is 25,000 FCFA or 38.11 euros. Payment can be made online at:

Malaria Protocol

Start prevention before arrival in the country and continue for one week upon your return (for nationals of malaria-free countries).

  • Malarone 100 mg/250 mg tablets (proguanil + atovaquone). Start the treatment the day before or the day of departure in endemic areas (one tablet per day, taken at a set time).
    Continue treatment for the duration of the malaria risk and for seven days after leaving the endemic area.
  • Mefloquine (Larian) 250 mg tablet. One tablet the week before travel, one tablet per week during travel and one tablet per week for three weeks upon your return.

Yellow fever protocol

  • All travellers arriving in Côte d'Ivoire must present proof of vaccination against yellow fever according to the International Health Regulations (IHR).
  • Those who have not been vaccinated will be held at the airport health checkpoint to regularize their situation.
  • The cost of the yellow fever vaccination is 7000 FCFA or 10.65 Euros.
  • The tests will be carried out on the COP site by dedicated staff.


# Name and surname Function Post Contact
SAMU COTE D’IVOIRE 185/ 2722445353
SAPEURS POMPIERS 180/ 2723451690/ 0103148005
1 Pr BROUH Yapo Président de la Coordina tion Santé 0707773649
2 Pr EHOLIE Serges Médecin Infectiologue Vice-Président 0708641080
3 Pr BOUA Narcisse Médecin, Anesthésiste-Réa nimateur Vice-Président 0707949050
4 Dr Jacques CISSOKO Médecin Urgentiste Vice-Président 0707075353
5 Dr DOH Gagne Eugénie Médecin, Hygiène Santé Environnement Vice-Président 0707981354
6 Dr KOFFI Claude François Médecin, Hygiène Santé Environnement Membre 0709285019
7 Dr ABOKE Phares Stanislas Médécin Généraliste Membre 0709016499
8 Dr KOUAKOU Koffi Mathias Médecin Urgentiste Membre 0709339770
9 TUO Mamadou IDE Spécialiste Membre 0707155750
10 DECHOU Nicolas Fabrice Anderson Ingénieur Informaticien, Secrétaire Membre 0749845964
11 Mme ADJOUSSOU Cauffy Evelyne Ingénieur Bio Médical, Secrétaire Membre 0707084772
12 FOFANA Diakaridia Entomologiste Médical Membre 0707720234
13 OULAI Tate Roger Sociologue Membre 070789287
14 PR COULIBALY KALP IPCI Membre 0707915176
15 DR ANNE JEAN CLAUDE IPCI Membre 0101006927

CHU Cocody Cocody université 2722449000/ 2722449038
CHU Angré Cocody II 2722496400
CHU Treichville Treichville 2721249122/ 2721256570
Institut de Cardiologie d’Abidjan (ICA) Treichville 2721258129/ 0707961993
Polyclinique Internationale Sainte Anne Marie d’Abidjan (PISAM) Cocody 2722483131
FARAH Marcory 2721260093
Groupe Médical du Plateau (GMP) Plateau 2720203838